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Web Traffic

$ 150 /month
Regularly Price : $199
  • Targeted Keywords - 6
  • Man Hour-30
  • Back Links - 60
  • Content- 2
  • Social Media-1(a/c)
  • Free Error Fixing
  • 24/7 Customer support & Report
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Web Start

$ 249 /month
Sale Price : $299
  • Targeted Keywords-8
  • Back Links- 80
  • Content- 4
  • Social Media- 2(a/c)
  • Website Analysis- Free
  • Error Fixing-Free
  • Customer support-24/7
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Web Classic

$ 349 /month
Regularly Price : $499
  • Targeted Keywords-12
  • Back Links- 120
  • Content- 6
  • Social Media- 3(a/c)
  • All Features of- Web Link plan
  • Error Fixing-Free
  • Customer support-24/7
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Web Premium

$ 649 /month
Regularly Price : $799
  • Targeted Keywords-20
  • Back Links- 200
  • Content- 10
  • Social Media- 5(a/c)
  • All Features of- Web Care plan
  • Error Fixing-Free
  • Customer support-24/7
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What we do ?:

The Primary Goal of this service is to promote your website on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing to improve your search ranking in order to get you more organic traffic. And the major scope of improvement are given below.

  • Increasing the CTR(click through rate) value of the website.

  • Making your website error free and search engine friendly.

  • Increasing the impression in an organic way.

  • Achieving a gradual improvement in terms of organic search ranking.

  • Creating and maintaining the social media business Accounts.

  • Increasing the number of Fans and followers in all major social media.

  • Participating in various communities, forum discussions.

  • Increasing the organic as well as referral traffic towards the website and many more.

What makes you comfortable to try our service

  • We have no contract nor any set up fee. Its all monthly due to the organic nature of this promotion.

  • We guarantee improvement in your keyword ranking from very first month itself or your money back no questions asked.

  • We will show your improvement in your website on-page issues, keyword ranking, social media exposure and also we will work on review if any.

  • Any process we execute on your website we take your prior approval so that you can keep a track of our work.

  • You will process the payment through PayPal so you can trust because its 100% buyer protected.

  • We will give you dedicated project manager so that you can get in touch at any point of time.

  • Initially we will provide you an in-depth report of your website which shows your current standing of your website like, your current keyword ranking, links crawled by Google, number of average visitor inflow etc. and then we will provide you fortnight and monthly progress report.

  • You can compare the report or check it manually to see our progress and your ROI.

Our SEO Process!

Error Fixing

First of all we will do a detailed analysis of your website and send you the reports of the entire shortcoming and errors present on your website. After that we will ask you for your approval to fix the errors. Once you give the approval to fix the issues we will go ahead and fix them to ensure your website is error free search engine friendly.

On-Page & On-Site optimization

We will take care all those on-page and on-site issues like, your content correction, landing page optimization, breadcrumb navigation, custom 404 error page creation, meta tag(title,description and keyword) optimization, img alt tag correction, HTML and CSS validation error fixing and many more.

Content Optimization

Constant Changes in Google's algorithms send a strong signal to digital marketers that SEO is no longer just about increasing visibility in SERPs. It’s about having relevant content that answers the search query and engages your visitors. Google rewards great content with higher rankings and more traffic, providing you with additional opportunities to convert visitors into customers.

Social Media Optimization

We will promote your website on leading social media sites like, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Our social media work is very transparent and it includes lot of internal activities like good forum commenting, blog posting, video sharing, image sharing and many more which will help you to fetch you a quality number of converted visitors. We are also providing content syndication to give a fresh look to your websites.

Proper Keyword Selection

My team will first make a Keyword analysis and the keywords will be chosen keeping in mind your business goals, targeted customers and customer base, keyword search volume and the search competition. After that you can suggest us some changes (as you are the master of your business and know better about your product) if you want. Once the keywords are approved along with the targeted pages we will start the off-page campaign for your website.

Off-Page Optimization

We will provide you a quality and theme based back link with a mixed PR sites. And the most important fact is we will provide you Government and educational back links which will really boost your ranking faster(this may cost you). We will do like Social bookmarking,Directory Submission,Article Syndication,External Blog Posting,Micro Blogs,Image Sharing,Video Sharing,Press Release etc.

Link Building

We are committed to provide quality and theme based back links for your clients project, And we ensure to provide links from mixed PR sited so that Google will feel authentic and it will help us to achieve the best result.

Client Communication

We are well aware that an effective client communication will keep both the party happy and trustful. So we have kept our process to update the work done on their project monthly, fortnightly and weekly on demand.