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We provide the fastest cloud hosting in the industry in association with We offering easy to use, fast, and reliable web hosting services. You need powerful web hosting. A variety of premium features optimized for the best performance will make your websites really fast.

Maximized Uptime

Our hosting service is ultra reliable. We are proud to provide much higher uptime percentages than the industry average.

Lightning Fast Page Load Times

Fast page loading speed is important for the user experience as well as search engine rankings. Our hosting is extremely fast! and its optimized in server level to load your page faster.

Free Malware Removal

If your site ever gets hacked, our talented support team of WordPress experts will quickly and carefully remove the malware for you at no extra charge.

WordPress Specialized Hosting

WordPress is the world’s most popular CMS, and our hosting service is tailored to provide the fastest, most secure WordPress experience available. Although we host other sites, WordPress is our specialty.

Ultra Secure Hosting

Security is a top priority in hosting, and we ensure that every possible measure is taken to protect your website and your data.

Hosting Support

Our support team is always available to ensure your uptime, page speed and security are fully operational.

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The power of cloud computing with simplicity of shared hosting.

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I needed a new hosting solution after Yahoo decided not to support the authoring tool they provided years ago. ProtechZi duplicated my site & launched it on their secure servers in just a few days. They respond promptly & accurately every time. In short...they rock!
Kevin is such a pleasure to work with, along with the rest of his staff. Protechzi are in constant Communication within in seconds anytime you have a question or need anything done for your website. We run 3 different companies and use protechzi for all 3 of our...

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