What Is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is nothing but a process that aims for getting quality and quantity traffic to a website by performing a variety of tasks to make it ranks high on a search engine’s organic search results (aka non paid) for a certain keyword.

In simple words, SEO is all about getting a website or online content well-optimized so that a search engine finds it as the most relevant one for a certain search query and ranks it as a top result which in turn drives “natural” or “organic” traffic rather than paid traffic to your website.

Why optimizing a website is so important can be understood from the fact that almost 3 out of 4 people use ‘search engines’ to find a product or service of their need. Generally, the first page of a search engine’s search results accounts for 90% of whole traffic and the remaining 10% is distributed by the following pages.
So, now it is clear that if your website in not on the first page of the search results for a certain search query (or say ‘keyword’), then you are missing out on valuable leads.

Positioning a website on top of a search engine results page can create magic for your overall search visibility and also increases the click through ratio (CTR) as searchers usually pay attention only to the first few results shown in the search engine results page for the certain keyword(s) they search for.

Then, the ultimate question that probably props to your mind is:

How to be found on Google search?

search engine optimization

This is what we are specialized in. We create and execute customised search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns for your website based on your business goal and that provide you with high rankings that are natural and long-lasting.

Effective strategies that we follow to get your website to the top of Google search are:

Custom SEO Strategy

Custom SEO strategy means creating and performing different strategies for different business websites of different business segments and different locations as practicing a common SEO strategy for all types of businesses does not garner the required result. That’s why we use the unique tactics that are bound to make the most impact on your rankings.

Custom SEO Strategy

Custom SEO strategy means creating and performing different strategies for different business websites of different business segments and different locations as practicing a common SEO strategy for all types of businesses does not garner the required result. That’s why we use the unique tactics that are bound to make the most impact on your rankings.

Thorough keyword and market research

Our expert keyword analysis is designed to find the most searched keywords which will get your website the maximum number of organic traffic and enable you to be found on Google search.

Competitors Analysis

In-depth evaluation of your top competitors will help your business website gets better of them. We are well-equipped not only to score on their deficiencies but also to dominate their strength. This is why the competitor Analysis is one of the most important factors for a business to get to the top of Google search.

Comprehensive onsite SEO

To make a website search engine friendly, you need to perform a comprehensive onsite SEO. The task associated with onsite SEO includes putting relevant Meta title, Meta descriptions, alt tags, 100% unique web content, optimized images and internal linking etc.

Quality content writing

In SEO, as they say – Content is king. Google loves to rank a unique, fresh and relevant content on top. When there is so much plagiarized content stuffed the internet, only quality content can stand out in the race. Our content writers produce exactly what that will encourage not only return traffic but also increase the keywords ranking.

Careful link building

Natural link building from relevant domains with high domain authority is the most important SEO tactics for increasing the domain authority of a website.

Content Syndication

To make a website reach maximum online audiences, we need content syndication. In simple words, it’s the process to get a web-based content re-published on various dominating third-party sites. It’s like a “win-win” situation for both parties as the third party site gets a relevant content for free and the content creator (e.g. your website) gets free traffic, publicity, exposure and valuable backlinks to your website.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics and other data tracking software are immensely helpful in tracking and learning the user behaviour, trends, traffic and everything related to your website that you want to keep track of.

Local Business SEO

With the increasing mobile search, local SEO has become a necessity for any company serving a local market. National companies also use local campaigns to improve organic search engine visibility in target markets, whether to increase market share, fend off competitors or introduce new products and services we help you to achieve that.

Search Engine Optimization 2021

With every passing year SEO strategy is keep changing, to dominate your competitors you have to keep up with the trend. Here at ProtechZi, we are ever ready to adopt with the latest tactics to get your website on top of the SERPs and in the process, our strategy for Search Engine Optimization 2021 can be proved to be a masterstroke.

We offer every possible option to our clients to try our service with confidence. We understand that to find a suitable digital company has been tough due to incompetency of SEO companies, High pricing, poor client services and so many fraud companies in the market etc. So here is what we offer !

Start now with Our unique Approach

  • No Contract
    Sometimes business owners are confused to choose a SEO partner. So we ask our clients to try for a month and see the result, if you are not happy in your first month SEO campaign then you can move out. So we need a month time to prove that we are the best choice for your search.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
    We also offer you an option to try our services for a month and we guarantee you the improvement in your keyword ranking at the end of your first month campaign, if failed to show you the improvement then you will get your 100% money back.
  • Dedicated SEO Specialist
    We understand this is quite annoying to work with multiple people for a single project. So we have made it easy for our clients to assign a dedicated SEO specialist for all your issues related to your SEO campaign. Or you can discuss on any other issues related to your website.
  • Transparent Reporting
    We provide clear and measurable reporting to our clients so that they can evaluate our service from time to time and decide whether to continue with us or quit.
  • 100% White Hat SEO Technics
    You must be assured that we follow completely Google white hat Technics to save your site from any future Google penalty. We do all manual process so that there is no fear of black hat SEO.

Note: Our on page SEO pricing is designed especially keeping small businesses in mind. It is the most pocket-friendly plan to start with!

ProtechZi is one of the most innovative and trusted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies in USA, Canada and Australia including few other promising countries where Digital Marketing is catching up with the latest trends.

Our most of the successful Local SEO campaigns for small and medium size businesses are running in the below listed states/cities of USA :

New Jersey, California, Texas, Florida, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon, Maryland.
Los Angeles, Ontario, Delray Beach, Orlando, Atlanta, Baltimore, Bridgeton, Wilson, Albany, Pittsburgh.

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