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Frequently Asked Questions

Our importance is to educate our clients and provide them a very transparent work process. We want our client should get all clarification on our service and technical terms related to our business sitting at home. You can understand most of your questions in our FAQ section without communication with us. Still we encourage to contact us to have a much better discussion.

  • What is SEOOpen or Close

    SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a process or technic to increase the search visibility of your website organically on leading search engines like Google, Yahoo and bing.

  • Why do you need SEO?Open or Close

    When prospective customers of yoursperform a search over any search engine, do they find you or a competitor of yours? If they find your competitors on top so it’s very obvious that you lose business.

  • What is organic listing or natural listing?Open or Close

    Organic listing appears on the left side of the Google search page, sometimes just below the top three paid listing because of their relevance to the search terms, and as opposed to their being paid advertisements.

  • What is keyword and how can you help me to find best keywords?Open or Close

    Keyword is a word or phrase that a searcher uses on a search engine to find his relevant search result on search result page. A right keyword can get you right traffic, so my team will perform a keyword analysis to find you the best keyword keeping in mind your targeted market, search volume, competition etc.

  • My Website is already at top 1 ranking. What else you can do for me?Open or Close

    There might be other possible keywords on which your competitors are ranking higher and doing more business. A diversified number of keywords always ensure 100% traffic. We will not just focus search engines to get you more organic traffic but also we focus on social media platform to meet your business requirement, as you know the power of social media in today’s market scenario.

  • What is PageRank?Open or Close

    PageRank is a numerical weightage given to each page by Google. It is calculated out of 10 and updated every 3-4 months by Google. The more SERP the better you are presented over internet.

  • What is PageRank?Open or Close

    PageRank is a numerical weightage given to each page by Google. It is calculated out of 10 and updated every 3-4 months by Google. The more SERP the better you are presented over internet.

  • What is Backlink?Open or Close

    Backlinks are inbound/outbound links to a website or web page. As per the Google guidelines a website should have a quality and theme based back links.Backlink acts as one of the key factors in determining the ranking of your website.

  • How can backlinks be improved?Open or Close

    We provide a quality and theme based backlinks by a very manual back link submissions process to improve your website online presence and to score a better rank for your keywords. We use more than 25 different sources for getting back links like directories, articles, blogs, bookmarks, press release, you-tube submission, video submission, local listing, classified posting, etc as per the plan you choose.

  • How do you guarantee that the backlinks will not be removed after few months?Open or Close

    We do not buy links. We are involved in natural link building process. So the links you get are mostly permanent links which cannot be removed.

  • White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO?Open or Close

    White Hat SEO refers to the usage of SEO strategies, techniques and tactics that focus on a human audience opposed to search engines and completely follows search engine rules and policies.

    The term Black Hat SEO is used widely to describe any tactics of search engine optimization which are considered "unethical" or are forbidden by search engines.

  • Will my website always stay on the top ranking once you have optimized it?Open or Close

    Search Engine Optimization is a organic process and always need updates to maintain the top page. One can't just expect to maintain its top position all the time unless they maintain a periodical updates, although we put our best efforts to maintain the same. But yes, you can subscribe any maintenance plan of a SEO company to maintain your top ranking.

  • What's the guarantee that your SEO team will not use black hat measures to get first page ranking?Open or Close

    We our link building process is very authentic and transparent following Google webmaster rules. For those websites who do not follow White Hat techniques are de-indexed or blacklisted by Google. None of our customer ever got any penalty for using black hat techniques. Because we take prior approval from our client before we build any links for their website.

  • What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)?Open or Close

    It is just a method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into paying customers.

  • What is FTP?Open or Close

    FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a method of transferring files (i.e. web pages) from your local PC to your web server. There are a variety of free FTP software programs available on the Internet and they enable you to update your website pages at any given time. As a SEO company, we only need your FTP user id and password to fix all your technical errors only

  • Is your service postpaid?Open or Close

    No, it’s prepaid because we invest man hour in advance. It’s a service we provide and has no contract or set up fee, and you have all the rights to discontinue your subscription at any point of time.

  • How do you target to market your clients business?Open or Close

    Based on the client's requirement, we promote their website in local, national and international markets.

  • How we can get started, let me know the process?Open or Close

    To get started you can choose any of our existing pricing plan or contact our representative for any custom plan, then you can follow our SEO-process for more details or call/email us.

  • Whom should I contact for any updates or if anything goes wrong?Open or Close

    Once you sign-up you will be assigned a dedicated project manager, he/she will be your one point of contact and you can always contact us over Phone, Email, Skype and live chat.

  • How can I track the progress of the work done on my website?Open or Close

    You will receive an in-depth analysis report of your website at the time of inception. And then you will receive fortnight, monthly and on demand progress report of your work done on your website. You can just compare with initial analysis report of check it manually.

  • Do you outsource your work?Open or Close

    We do not outsource our Services. We have a dedicated team of 180+ in-house SEO experts here in India.

  • How to get Money Back?Open or Close

    For more details on how to get you money back, visit : www.ProtechZi.com/seo-guarantee

  • How about the work done on my website, will that affect if I decide to stop working with you?Open or Close

    No. As we follow a natural and manual work process nothing will be deleted. As you will be paying us for some months; whatever work completed during that time like on-page, off-page link building, SMO etc. will be there and remain across the internet. Even if you terminate after some months you will still enjoy the results for a long period in future

  • I have more questions to ask, whom should I contact?Open or Close

    Don’t worry, our representatives will throw more lights on your questions. Call/email us on the contact details reflecting on the top of our web page.