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As we live in a digital era today, the popularity of companies selling their products online is increasing every day. Customers are making their choices depending upon online ads, reviews, posts, etc. They are also purchasing products from online stores and websites. But with the competition rising it is getting harder to survive in this competitive market. In this situation, SEO has emerged as an effective way to help companies to get the attention they need. It doesn’t matter if you own a small or large company, the top SEO company in India can give you the visibility you need.

What is SEO services and why you need a search engine optimization expert

Every website needs potential customers to find them if they want their sales to go up. Now, think about how you pick a website online. Customers generally search on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. And the websites at the top of the search engine gets the first priority, right? If a site is not on the list, there is less chance of people finding them. Therefore no visibility means no traffic and if you cannot attract people to your website, it clearly means no sales. SEO or search engine optimization comes as a magic solution to companies in this case.

In simple terms, search engine optimization is a process of improving the performance of a website. Seo tools help companies to earn a better ranking on the Google search engine and help them to stay on the top. Top SEO company in India, like ProtechZi Digital Media, offers companies expert SEO solutions and takes your company towards success. Moreover, SEO services not only focuses on optimizing a website for better ranking, but it also aims to enhance user satisfaction. And we all know how happy customers means good business. Therefore it is not wrong to say that investing in SEO is a smart investment choice for companies today. Let us now see how it all works and what are the popular SEO tools today.

What are search engine optimization tools and how they impact marketing

There are plenty of SEO tools available today, but choosing the right one is not that easy. As the best SEO agency in India , we pick the best according to a company’s need. Here are some effective tools that businesses can use to make their business thrive.

  • Keyword analysing tool

Keywords are essential when it comes to optimizing your website. This is because of the fact that keywords guide customers to a website. Without proper keyword placement in the websites, customers may not find your website. And that can lead to a loss. We help companies to find the right keyword with the help of SEO keyword analysing tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and SEMrush.

  • Ranking tools

Tracking a website’s rank is necessary as it allows a company to understand what is giving them positive results. By using Google Search Console and other paid and free tools, businesses can now track their position on the search engine. Furthermore, this helps them to strategize in a better way to improve their ranking.

  • Keyword analysing tool

Keywords are essential when it comes to optimizing your website. This is because of the fact that keywords guide customers to a website. Without proper keyword placement in the websites, customers may not find your website. And that can lead to a loss. We help companies to find the right keyword with the help of SEO keyword analysing tools like Google AdWords Keyword Planner and SEMrush.

  • Link building and link removal tools

There is no doubt that link building is important as even Google gives better ranking to sites with good links. Being the best SEO agency in India, we use various tools like LinkMiner Plugin, Moz Link Explorer, BuzzStream, etc. for building broken links. Moreover, for link removal companies can also use CognitiveSEO (paid) or Disavow tool (free).

  • Competitor analyzing tools

To be ahead of your competition, keeping an eye on their techniques and methods is a must. With tools like SpyFu companies can find out what are the keywords their competitors are focusing on. This helps companies to understand what customers are looking for and then improve their own performance.

  • SEO auditing tools

Updating your website and fixing the SEO errors can make or break a business. Without solving the errors a company is bound to fail. Auditing tools help businesses to find those errors and fix them quickly. Online marketers use Raventools, WebCEO, etc. To find out technical and content related issues in a website. This help companies to solve the problems and maintain their search engine ranking.

  • Technical SEO

When it comes to technical SEO, it’s about various actions but one goal is improving a company’s organic ranking. Technical SEO ensures that a website is mobile-friendly and has an optimum page loading spread. It ensures that all the content errors are fixed and makes your
website shine on the ranking list.

The list of these tools are endless and you might be already impressed by now. But this is not all. If you want to know how ProtechZi Digital Media helps a company with their SEO Experts, here we go.

Types of SEO and what we offer

If you are ready to take your business to new heights, we are here to help you. As mentioned earlier Search Engine Optimization is about more than just lifting you up on the ranking page. At ProtechZi Digital Media, as one of the top SEO company in India, our main focus is to provide ompanies with a wholesome SEO solution. Here are the types of SEO services that we provide to our clients.

  1. On- Page SEO service – Our skilled marketing team optimizes the elements on your website that affects the ranking. This includes visible elements like Title, headings, website layout, and page content. We ensure that the visitors on your website are satisfied with the layout and information.
  2. Off-Page SEO services – Only popularity and visibility is not enough to maintain your top position on the Google ranking. And we know it. Therefore our off-Page SEO service focuses on building your website’s credibility. We use social media to increase brand awareness and provide quality backlinks to increase a website’s authority.
  3. Organic SEO – Every business today is trying to convert organic traffic from Google. With skilled SEO consultants, we not only convert those traffic into leads but we also make them stay for a long time. Our team helps companies to build their reputation and helps them to survive longer in this competitive market.
  4. Reputation management as part of SEO service – Bad online reputation can destroy the future of a company. As people often trust brands that have good reviews online, we promote good review to attract potential customers.

This is just the beginning of what ProtechZi Digital Media offers. Therefore take a look at the benefits you can get from our SEO services.

What are the advantages of using our service?

If your business is losing money and is not optimized yet, we as the best SEO agency in India is here to help you. Below are the points that will show you how we assist companies with our SEO services and what are the awesome the benefit of using our SEO services.

      • Today 90% of customers are searching for products on search engines. With our SEO services, companies can drive in quality traffic.
      • With SEO campaigns and strategies we will help your business to convert traffic into leads and sales.
      • To keep you high in the search engine ranking our SEO consultants build credibility and trust of your website.
      • SEO rankings don’t disappear overnight, it’s a long term strategy. And with our experts, we focus on keeping them on the top by constantly upgrading our strategies.
      • SEO influences customers purchasing decision and as a skilled SEO company, we use SEO to establish a brand identity to attract customers.
      • Increasing the value of your business is required to survive in the market today. With our SEO services, we offer small businesses the opportunity to get an edge over big companies.
      • SEO is the best marketing solution that combines all the other marketing services and improves overall ROI.

Our other SEO services

As the SEO environment is evolving over the last few years, we know how all the SEO marketing strategies are interlinked. If you want your SEO strategies to be successful, being a pro when it comes to all the SEO marketing techniques are necessary. Here are our excellent SEO marketing services that can help companies to reach towards their desired goals.

  • Global marketing SEO services: Digital marketing is incomplete without Search Engine Optimization . With our high-tech SEO services, we target global customers who are actually interested in your company. Our global SEO service includes global link building strategies and Google place listing.
  • Social media SEO techniques: Today everyone knows how powerful social media is. There is almost no one who hasn’t heard about Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And if you haven’t started marketing on social media, you haven’t started at all. With strategic marketing on social media platforms, with ads, posts, videos, etc. Our social media SEO services help to increase brand awareness and popularity.
  • Local SEO: To increase visibility in location-based searches , we at ProtechZi Digital Media provide local businesses local search engine optimization. This is the process where we optimize the website, optimize their landing pages, and also optimize their content. These SEO services help local companies to attract local audiences.
  • SEO for E-commerce: E-commerce SEO is all about an online purchase, increasing sales, optimization of products, etc .And being an SEO service provider we leave no stone unturned in the field of SEO e-commerce marketing. With our E-Commerce SEO service, we at ProtechZi Digital Media, offer long-term revenues, beating your competitors, cost-effective solutions, and comparative SEO strategy.
  • ORM SEO: A company online reputation is like a first impression that can have a positive or negative result. If there are negative remarks about the company on online platforms, customers are not likely to trust that brand. With our SEO reputation management services, we make sure that customers get a positive impression of your brand. Impressed yet? Take a look at what makes us different.

Our approach

Marketing is like a roller-coaster ride, it’s thrilling but some strategies may work and others may not . The key to success is to bring new ideas and strategies to the table. With the customer-driven approach, we focus on quality work. Furthermore, we offer cost-effective solutions and provide maximum transparency to our clients so that they can track their progress.

What makes us the Top SEO company in India

  • Result oriented services- We assist companies to bridge the gap between the customers and clients by increasing visibility.
  • Excellent track record- We are proud of our services with more than 90% client retention, ProtechZi Digital Media  ensures our client’s optimum results.
  • Affordability- We know how investment in the right areas is important for the business. Therefore we help companies to bring down their marketing costs significantly.
  • Effortless- We enhance the customer experience across all the online platforms and ensure that they are satisfied.
  • Premium service- With our experience, expert team and brilliant strategies we not only focus on promotion but the improvement of a company as well.
  • Money back guarantee- We don’t believe in the shameless promotion of our company. Our Clients are welcomed to take our assistance and decide for themselves. If you are not satisfied, we offer our clients a money back guarantee.

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